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Food Safety

Safety: An Unwavering Commitment


Every day, Frescadel works to ensure the safety and quality of the produce it offers its clientele. Our food safety and quality systems have been audited by the Guelph Food Technology Centre.


Strict controls are maintained for all produce, from the moment it arrives at our warehouse until it is delivered to our customers. We also evaluate our suppliers, selecting only those who excel at food safety.


In addition to controlling the biological, chemical and physical dangers related to food safety, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system implemented at Frescadel has several other objectives*, including:


Formally integrate food safety principles into the production process

Increase employee ownership of safe food production

Increase buyer and consumer confidence

Respond to market demand for the implementation of an HACCP system

Reduce waste

* Source: Canadian Food Inspection Agency